Open source simple business intelligence application and SQL editor tool for Clickhouse.

Tabix DRAW - render charts, draw charts or maps of the world.

- two color theme: light and dark.

Tabix clickhouse features:

- works with ClickHouse from the browser directly, without installing additional software;

- query editor that supports highlighting of SQL syntax ClickHouse, auto-completion for all objects, including dictionaries and context-sensitive help for built-in functions.

- graphs, charts and geo-referenced for mapping query results;

- interactive designer PivotTables (pivot) for query results;

- graphical tools for analysis ClickHouse;

- two color theme: light and dark.


TABIX SQL Query editor

Supports highlighting of SQL syntax ClickHouse

Auto-completion of fields, dictionaries and functions

Field and function tips in Russian and Englishb

Reformatting queries / autoformat

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Show Database & tables tree

Beautiful navigation on databases

Displaying the number of tables at the database

Search & filtering in the object tree

Graphs, charts and geo-referenced

Map your data to beautiful graphs and charts.

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No install

Works with ClickHouse from the browser directly, without installing additional software.

Draw chart
map / bar / heatmap / river / sankeys / treemap


SQL Editor
grid result


Clickhouse metrics


Server views
show tables and fields


Our workflow

Workflow is open and you can vote for the appearance of new feature / ideas on the kanban board

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  • Not need hosting
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