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Tabix - SQL Editor & Open source simple business intelligence for Clickhouse.


  • No need to install, works from the browser
  • Supports SQL syntax ClickHouse
  • Draws charts, charts or maps of the world


Working with Queries - Editor

  • Auto-completion of fields, dictionaries and functions
  • Tips on fields and functions in Russian and English
  • Reformatting queries / autoformat
  • Minimizes brackets and subqueries
  • Setting the autocompletion / enableLiveAutocompletion
  • Backlight brackets
  • The list of functions is loaded based on the capabilities of the server
  • Displays which query is running


Working with Queries - Tabs

  • Renaming
  • Attachment

Database tree and tables

  • Display the number of tables at the database
  • The icon of the table depends on its engine
  • List of fields in the table and inserting the field when clicking in the editor
  • DB selection via double click in the tree, pop-up window about selection
  • Search in the tree of objects, filtering the tree
  • Rebuilding the list of databases / tables after the query is executed DROP / CREATE



  • [Command | Ctrl] + [Right | Left] toggles the tabs
  • Shift-Ctrl- [1 ... 0] switches tabs
  • [Command | Ctrl + Shift + Plus | Command | Ctrl + Shift + Minus] - collapse all / expand
  • [Command | Ctrl + Shift + F] - Format code

Viewing processes

  • Logging

Viewing a table

  • Request to create a table, via SHOW CREATE TABLE - in the "information"

Working with the result of the query

  • Widgets through gridster rendering, resize move, commit
  • handsontable Result table with sorting
  • Auto-fit the width of the result table
  • HotTable CopyPaste menu
  • Table with information about completed requests at the end of the list / Requests in the tab are logged for performance comparison
  • HotTable colors / format / heatmaps
  • HotTable + Numbro - display the column if the numbers are as human
  • HotTable menu: Specify the column format, text / number, the ability to format the number
  • HotTable menu: CopyPaste to ReadMine markup
  • HotTable menu: Highlight Negative / Positive
  • HotTable menu: insert WHERE column = valuse to Clipboard


  • Metrics RealTime charts from system.metrics
  • system.events + async_metrics



  • DRAW backlight command
  • draw as js function result