Working with multiple queries

Working with multiple queries, it is convenient to write several queries in one tab and split them ";;"   Moving the cursor to the first or second query and pressing Cmd (Ctrl) + Enter - the query is performed under the cursor

Do not use the query history - all in one editor.

You can press Shift + Cmd + Enter - and all queries are executed at once in the editor.

Let's say you want:

CREATE TABLE default.x ( x Int32 ) Engine=Log
INSERT INTO default.x 
SELECT 12345

You can enter this all into the field and execute at once

Tabix multi query

Also, the query history is displayed on the left.

Double click

Double-click to collapse the panel

Tabix multi query


A separate panel for editing Vars, the syntax is supported:


Tabix variables


Often used code, as an example: event_date = today () can be saved to the snippet and it appears in the autocomplete

Tabix Snippets

Transpose table

It can be very convenient to rotate the table which has a very large number of columns and few rows

Tabix Transpose

SQL + With totals

If the query specifies WITH TOTALS, the last row in the resulting table contains TOTALS

Tabix Transpose

Right click in the table

Right click - opens the menu

Tabix Right Click Table

Draw_Chart - [xAxis,yAxis]

You can specify the columns that are used for the axes

By default, the X-axis is used for plotting - the first column, or the DateTime column

On the Y axis, other columns are stored separately, if there is a column of type String, it becomes grouping

But sometimes it is necessary to build a graph only on the given columns:

Tabix Right Click Table


Experimental development - Plotly support for building 3D

Tabix 3D

Calc sum

Select cells -> Right click -> "Calc Avg & Sum & Median"

Tabix 3D