Todo :

  • Server Overview : add table view for more info
  • Database review

Cluster rendering: nodes and replicas, highlighting the main parameters of nodes

  • Review database + Right click - database - overview db?
  • Parse "LIMIT" and button loadMore
  • Parse cursor position - then click on fields
  • Chart editor
  • Show+Hide columns in HandTable
  • Auto positioning on the table
  • Widget list of predefined charts
  • The styles in the table are lost, color then heatmap, reset
  • HotTable to remember the sizes set by hands (not to reset to zero)
  • Pivot table by column http://techbrij.com/convert-column-to-row-javascript-array-pivot
  • Pivot table by https://github.com/pat310/quick-pivot
  • Parsing in text FROM DBName.TBName, a list of available fields based on the name of the tables
  • draw Andrews Visualization of multidimensional data using Andrews diagrams

TODO Server:

  • T.Server : Public !
  • T.Server : Class "ReportTools"
  • T.Server: parsing the result for tips in "WHERE" - Field hints and server features store backend
  • T.Server: Specifies the structure of tables (at least titles and types)
  • LDAP Auth, hide direct access to CH / MySQL
  • Cross database simple join
  • Tips on server fields store backend
  • http-stream as table *